Q. Will I still be in control?

A. Yes, you are in control at all times and can choose to come out of a trance whenever you wish to.

Q. What does it feel like to be in a trance?

A. It is different for different people but often people report feeling deeply relaxed, light, calm and at ease.

Q. Is trance a natural state?

A. Yes, we experience trance many times a day, when we go for a run, when we are driving, daydreaming and before we go to sleep.

Q. Can hypnotherapy alleviate depression and anxiety?

A. Yes, solution focused hypnotherapy is very effective at alleviating these conditions over time.

Q. Do i have to do a lot of homework and practise between sessions?

A. No, the only thing I will ask you to do is to listen to the relaxation CD every night before you go to bed.

Q. Where do you practise from?

A. I use beautiful therapy rooms at Brighter Spaces on Castle Street in Guildford.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. I charge £35 for the initial consultation and £70 for each session.