Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural and effective way to change aspects of your life and work towards feeling happy, healthy and positive.

It was developed by David Newton at the highly respected and renowned Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training School in Bristol. The school now runs courses nationally and internationally.

Hypnosis is an entirely normal and natural state. We experience trance naturally many times a day and often go into an altered state when we watch TV, go for a run or a swim or when we are daydreaming.It is also the state that we experience just as we are falling asleep and as we are waking up.

It is entirely voluntary and you are in complete control at all times. Should you choose to break the trance, you can do this at any time.

Hypnosis is however, an extremely pleasant and enjoyable experience that will leave you feel refreshed and deeply relaxed.